The Blade Circle strategy is a very simple one and leads to severe damage to the opponent if executed properly.

How it WorksEdit

The Ninja creates a number of clones ( either shadow clones or water clones ) and proceeds to arrange them in a circular formation around his target. The clones then toss sharp bladed weapons to each other trapping the enemy in a circle of blades.


Most Konohagakure, Kirigakure or Amegakure ninja.


The primary aim is to either ensnare the target to prevent his escape or movement or to kill the target.


Immobilisation. Possible death or bloodloss if hit by the weapons.


If Shadow Clones are used, it will require unbelievably high levels of stamina and chakra. Also , the clones can be destroyed to escape this circle. On a deeper analysis, this technique will not work on Temari as she will easily blow away the weapons.


None known.