The Human Kunai strategy is a very effective strategy and leads to severe damage to the opponent if executed properly.

How it WorksEdit

The Ninja begins just like the Smoke Blades throwing Smoke Bombs , BUT, the ninja transforms into a Kunai and goes along with normal kunais at the opponent. When he/she gets close enough, they turn back into their original form and strike the opponent.


Any Ninja. ( except Rock Lee . )


The primary aim is to distract the target for a short period, allowing the ninja to reach close enough to deliver a fatal blow.


Severe damage. Possible death.


If the target , instead of defending the kunai by hand, uses an offensive mid/long range jutsu on the Kunai, ( for example, Fire Release : Great Dragon Fire ) then the user will be forced out of the transformation and will suffer damage. This will also leave the user unable to retaliate or tired if the opponent counters this way. Also, this will not work against Byakugan users.


This is a variant of Smoke Blades.