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The symbol of Kirigakure.

Kirigakure (霧隠れの里, Kirigakure no Sato; ; Literally meaning "Village Hidden in the Mist"; ) (also called Kiri for short) is located in the Land of Water. The official head ninja of Kirigakure is the Mizukage. It is also the place from which the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist hail (including Zabuza Momochi, Kisame Hoshigaki, and Raiga Kurosuki). The former host of the three-tailed beast also hailed from this village. Kiri's layout is relatively unknown, only seen briefly in flashbacks. Kakashi and Orochimaru have both stated that Kiri has a strong and ruthless military that could not be easily defeated.


Zabuza, the Demon Of The Mist.

Kiri, according to Kakashi, was known for a barbaric graduation ritual. Students wishing to move on into the ranks of the ninja there would be pitted against each other in one-on-one duels to the death - thus earning the village the nickname, "Village of the Bloody Mist" (血霧の里, Chigiri no Sato; ; ; ). This practice lasted until an incident where Zabuza Momochi famously killed the entire graduating class (before even reaching the age of qualification himself), after which it was banned.

War with KaguyaEdit

Later, the Kaguya clan, a barbaric clan who used the Shikotsumyaku abilities attempted to destroy Kiri. Despite the clan's power, they were simply outnumbered and outmatched by the powerful ninja of Kiri. Kimimaro was the only one to survive the attack.


Kisame Hoshigaki recognized Madara Uchiha as the Mizukage, but whether that is current or past is as yet unknown. Around 10 years ago, Zabuza Momochi, as ANBU squad captain, led an assassination attempt on the Mizukage, consisting of several members of the ANBU and other Mist Jonin and Chunin, but were quickly dispatched of by his guard.

Also, Kiri was known to be home to the previous host of the Three-Tailed Beast, and it is unknown as to how, and why, the village let the beast free.