Kakashi raikiri

The Raikiri, an extremely powerful lightning technique.

The Lightning Release (雷遁, Raiton; English TV "Lightning Style"; ; ) techniques are lightning-based Ninjutsu. The lightning element is easy to spread out and suitable for techniques that are middle to long distance in offense. Though the least used element, it has shown to be quite devastating.

Sasuke chidori

The Chidori .

The two best known Lightning Release techniques in Konoha are the Chidori and Lightning Blade created by Kakashi Hatake who is the most prominent user of lightning Release techniques in Konohagakure. Most lightning attacks are quick yet powerful bolts of lightning or chakra generated lightning from the user's body. Lightning techniques are strong against Earth Release techniques,and are weakened by Wind Release. Most lightning techniques are effective, but the stronger lightning attacks take up great amounts of chakra and can only be used a certain amount of time in a day.

Kumogakure shinobi usually use the Lightning Release.