Medical-Nin (医療忍, iryō-nin; ; ; ) are ninja who specialize in medical treatment and use of medical-oriented jutsu to heal others. Becoming a medic-nin requires high intelligence and excellent chakra control. A medic-nin is trained to avoid getting injured in any way, for the reason that if they are injured, then there would be nobody to heal the others. If they are forced into combat, they make use of their chakra control to enhance their taijutsu skills. Medic-nins accompany other ninja on high ranking missions to increase the survival rate of the squad.

Medical-nin make use of the Mystical Palm Technique, a technique used in surgery. The Mystical Palm Technique is useful as it can speed up healing where the users hand is placed. The Chakra Scalpel, another Medical ninjutsu, can be used in combat to sever muscles and weaken the body, if the user has good precision. For more serious injures, the Medic-nin would use Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique in which the the Medic-nins would use a portion of the patient's own body to act as a medium to help the healing process.


Tsunade's healing seal.

Tsunade is the greatest medic-nin produced by Konoha. Shizune, Tsunade's assistant is also a medical-nin. When Team Shikamaru went off to retrieve Sasuke, Sakura went to Tsunade to learn how to be a medical-nin, feeling that she was useless to her team as she was then. Ino Yamanaka also becomes a Medical-nin so she too wouldn't be useless to her team. Hana Inuzuka is a veterinarian for the Inuzuka clan and specializes in medical jutsu involving canines and other animal familiars. Chiyo was a Medic-nin from the Sunagakure, but used her skills to better make poisons than to heal others, though she did know a life saving jutsu that would even revive the dead, if at the cost of her own life.

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It has been speculated as to whether or not Karin counts as a medical ninja. This is because Karin does not focus her chakra to a point where it can heal, but if someone bites Karin, it heals the biter.