The Mist Blades strategy is a very effective distraction and can open the door to dealing damage on the opponent.

How it WorksEdit

The Ninja performs Hidden Mist Technique and throws some Kunai . Since the opponent is distracted by and loses eyesight due to the mist, by the time they see the kunai it will be extremely close to them.


Zabuza Momochi , Raiga Kurosuki , Kisame Hoshigaki , Kakashi Hatake .


The primary aim is to distract the target for a short period, allowing the ninja to reach close enough to deliver a fatal blow or to escape the battle.


Inability to counter next attack. If kunai hits, anything from scratches to bloodloss.


Alert ninja will be able to counter this move. Also it is useless against Wind Release users.


This is a variant of Smoke Blades.