How it worksEdit

After blocking the opponents sight with a smokebomb, the user throws a lot of Makibishi (also known as caltrops) on the ground.


The opponent can't attack or follow the user straight forward unless hurting his/her feets.


Skilled ninja can jump over the Makibishi (if spotted), or shoes with thick sole of wood might prevent the spikes to reach the foot.


Stop pursuers/attackers so the user can escape or buy some time to make a plan.


When Kakashi used this technique he used Zabuza Momochi's Hidden Mist Technique to cover his Makibishi instead of a smokebomb. Sasame did it all by herself against Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno. Ino threw out Makibishi infront of Sakura Haruno in full daylight, forcing Sakura to jump over them.