The Smoke Blades strategy is a very simple and basic one, yet effective as a sudden diversion. Its versatility and masking prowess is excellent.

How it WorksEdit

The Ninja first throws down some Smoke Bombs near the opponent, blinding them. As he throws down the bombs, he throws also a number of Kunai at the opponent. Due to the smoke, the target will not be able to see the kunais coming.


Any Ninja.


The primary aim is to distract the target for a short period, allowing the ninja to use something more effective and powerful or to mask his escape by using a dodging jutsu, for example Earth Release : Double Suicide Decapitation.


The enemy is unable to counter the next attack since they are blinded, or they may even be hit by the Kunais, causing anywhere from scratches to bloodloss.


More experienced enemies will know to dodge this technique and will remain wary. Also, it is useless against Byakugan users since they will be able to see through the smoke. Wind Release techniques are also effective to stop this.


A more powerful and effective variant of this move is the Human Kunai. An equally powerful variant is the Mist Blades.

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