The Sudden Metallic Revolutions strategy is an effective surprise attack combo tool and can damage even Jonin or ANBU .

How It WorksEdit

Jirobo rushes at the target , his huge mass concealing several arrows made from Spider Sticky Gold shot by Kidomaru which are behind him. At the last second, he jumps forward, and flips over the opponent making the arrows hit the opponent. Then, as the target is stunned and bleeding, he strikes them powerfully with his Achiever of Nirvana Fist on their spine, shattering it.


Jirobo with Kidomaru .


The aim of this strategy is to ensure the opponents damage with the arrows.


Bloodloss, organ damage. Immobilisation, possible death.


Does not work on Byakugan or Sharingan users. Also, if Jirobo is unable to flip forward for some reason, he will be stabbed by the arrows.


None known.