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Suzumebachi Kamizuru.

Suzumebachi Kamizuru (Kamizuru Suzumebachi; ; ; ) is the only female and leader of the Kamizuru clan. Her team is made up of herself, Jibachi Kamizuru, and Kurobachi Kamizuru. She claims to be the granddaughter of the First Tsuchikage, founder of Iwagakure. She was able to use the Bee Honey Technique (蜂蜜の術, Hachimitsu no Jutsu; ; ; ), utilizing summoned bees that engulfed the opponent in sticky honey when killed. At the end of the struggle, Naruto Uzumaki defeated her with the Rasengan. The last we see of her is her unconscious body lying still.


  • For some reason, Suzumebachi and her teammates don't wear Stone headbands.
  • "Suzumebachi" can be translated to mean hornet.