The Suna ninja, Temari uses her fan to channel Wind chakra.

The Wind Release (風遁, Fūton; English TV "Wind Style"; ; ) techniques are offensive type jutsu, that allow the user to manipulate wind by splitting their chakra in half and then grinding the chakra against itself until it becomes thin and sharp.

Asuma sarutobi large

Konoha ninja, Asuma channeling his wind chakra into his chakra blades.

Wind Release techniques can cut through everything like a blade, making it ideal for short to mid-ranged combat. Wind Ninjutsu is common among Sunagakure ninja with some of its most prominent shinobi having learned to channel it through weapons such as blades to make them sharper to the point where they can cut through solid rock.

Baki 01

Suna Ninja , Baki who can manipulate Wind chakra without a weapon.

Wind Release training involves learning how to cut a leaf in two with chakra and then cutting a waterfall in half by producing enough chakra to temporarily halt the flow of water.

Naruto shippuden

Konoha Ninja, Naruto who is the expert at Wind chakra Rasengan.

Wind Ninjutsu is strong against Lightning Ninjutsu, but will only lose against Fire Ninjutsu.