The Yellow Flash Futuresight is a very effective and if the enemy is taken into the trap, nearly unavoidable.

How it WorksEdit

Minato throws Smoke Bombs covering the whole arena with smoke and then while the enemy cannot see him, will make a Shadow Clone. Then, he will throw the special kunais with his Flying Thunder God seal towards the roof, walls and behind the enemy. As the smoke is clearing, the clone will attack the enemy with a Rasengan and as the enemy moves away from the attack, Minato will appear there and stab them fatally.


Only Minato Namikaze .


The primary aim is to force the enemy to move into the Flying Thunder God thereby killing him.


Possible to certain death.


If the target decides to block the Rasengan ( a hard feat in itself ), there is a less chance this move will succeed. Also, Byakugan users will be able to see through the smoke and understand the plan.